List of the Known 27 True Runes:

01. Rune of Life and Death (Soul Eater)

02. Rune of Beginning

03. True Fire Rune

04. Rune of Punishment

05. Sun Rune

06. True Beast Rune

07. Gate Rune (Front/Back)

08. Sovereign Rune

09. Rune of Night (S.D. Sword)

10. Moon Rune

11. Circle Rune

12. True Wind Rune

13. True Water Rune

14. True Lightning Rune

15. True Earth Rune

16. Rune of Change

17. Eightfold Rune

18. Dragon Rune

19. Rune of Seasons*

20. True Conqueror Rune*

21-27. ????

List of Powerful One-of-a-Kind Sentient Runes:

01. Bright Shield Rune

02. Black Sword Rune

03. Dawn Rune

04. Twilight Rune

05. Star Rune

List of Notable Rare Runes

01. Beast Rune

02. Condemnation Rune

03. Serenity Rune*

  • (*Denotes Self-created Runes used in my story writing and other Fanfiction. Not Official Canon Runes!)

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